Harry requested a complete intermediate research on both his Maternal & Paternal family lines. Harry’s ancestors were mostly in New Jersey and the research went back into New York and the New England states into the 1600’s. It was discovered that Harry’s ancestor owned the land that the New Jersey Capital building was built on. It was also discovered that Harry’s 9th great grandfather helped design and build Independence Hall in Philadelphia. This brought great satisfaction to Harry who is a builder and was helping on restoration work at Independence Hall.

It was also discovered that some of Harry’s ancestors were Quakers and came to the America’s with William Penn.

After an initial research, Harry requested more research which led back to Medieval England and from thence, back to France, Royalty and Norway circa 800.

Much of this research was conducted in Trenton, New Jersey as well as many other counties in New Jersey at numerous repositories.

Mr. Hale

Mr. Hale had heard several stories about his ancestors that he wanted solved. We found numerous Family Bibles’, Wills, Military Records, etc. Our research locations included Baltimore and Boston, as well as other locations. We found that the Revolutionary War Ancestors included Tilley Hale, Jesse Hoshall, John Gill, and Peter Fowble. Some of these were German Hessians who were convinced by George Washington to change sides in exchange for land. We also proved that Nicholas Gill, James McComas and Richard Owings were Revolutionary War Officers, which qualified Mr. Hale for entrance into the esteemed Order of the Cincinnati, started by George Washington.

We also obtained the Will of Tilley Hale which detailed his Revolutionary War Rifle. When Mr. Hale and his brother were playing in their grandfather’s attic as children they found a blunder buster and a rifle. Mr. Hale’s brother has this rifle today and it is the same rifle mentioned in the “Will”.

We were also able to establish Tilley Hale’s father’s name which allowed us to trace this Hale line back to London. This helped not only Mr. Hale, but many other descendants who could not overcome this brick wall.

Mr. Hale also commissioned us to do a lot of follow up research over the years. One such story stated that the Mr. Hale’s ancestor Neil Matheson was a Horse Thief who had left the family to flee a posse.

Neil Matheson was born in Sturgeon Bay in 1877. We travelled to Wisconsin and Fergus Falls, Minnesota to solve this. As with most families, there are hidden skeletons in the closet that as descendants we have no idea about. We discovered that Neil’s wife had him committed to the Insane Asylum in Fergus Falls, where he was not happy for being framed, and died two years later. The horse thief story being a convenient cover story to stop the rest of the family from discovering what she had done.

We provided Mr. Hale with close to a thousand documents and photographs about his ancestors. As Mr. Hale’s family are mostly doctors, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that his first immigrant Hale ancestors was a Prominent Doctor in Boston. Also, that there were other Doctor’s in his family line including Dr. Richard Hale.

Dr. Richard Hale
Dr. Richard Hale

Demetrios Theodore Venepopulous

Demetrios Theodore Venepopulous was born in Bursa, Turkey in 1897 and immigrated to the United States, through Ellis Island in New York. Having a long foreign name he truncated his name to James Vanettes. This was indicated by his Certificate of Arrival in 1913. He then went to Lebanon, Pennsylvania and from there to Chicago to Montana to Portland, Oregon, and arriving in San Francisco. He then moved to Los Angeles. We traced him through Homeland Security records. James married Kathryn in 1922 and had two sons, William born 1924 and James born 1925. In 1927 Kathryn died during childbirth having twin girls.

James and William were sent to this Boys Home. The twin girls were adopted out. One twin girl had died, but the other twin was still alive when we found her and William was still alive and was able to meet her in San Diego. The first time he had seen his sister since she was a baby of a couple of days old.

Vanettes Boys Home
The Twins

Aulay Thompkins

Aulay Thompkins contacted us when he was 90 years old. His wife was sick in the Hospital at the time. We documented Olay’s family history in the Reading area of Pennsylvania which consisted of many German ancestors. We then did the same for Aulay’s wife. At that point Aulay told us his wife was adopted and never knew her father and the only thing she knew was that he was a Police Officer.

We did a local township record search for Aulay’s wife’s original birth record. At the time these records could be filed many years after the event. We found the record we needed 5 years removed from the birth date. The biological father of Isobel was William Boyer, but there were several William Boyer’s. We ordered 7 death certificates. One for each William Boyer within 50 miles of Reading. We then traced the obituaries of these seven men. And found the right William who was identified as a part time Police Officer.

Isobel was very happy to finally learn who her real father was. Aulay and his wife have since passed away but he gave us permission to tell his story.